A digitally altered image of a white horse with a pink unicorn horn and three young girls dressed in princess costumes, with the background removed for a solid green backdrop.
Graphic text reading "UNICORN Club!" with iridescent letters on a stylized purple banner with ribbon tails.

Unleash Creativity at The Unicorn Club!

Welcome to a world where magic is real, and unicorns roam freely – welcome to The Unicorn Club at Autumn’s Gate! Designed for creative kids and unicorn enthusiasts, our Club offers an unparalleled adventure into the realms of imagination and enchantment.

Why Join The Unicorn Club?

The Unicorn Club stands as a beacon of joy, creativity, and friendship. We’ve created a space that isn’t just about the majestic unicorns but also about nurturing the incredible power of human connections through shared experiences, imagination and creativity.

Explore The Magic Of Real-Life UnicornsA white horse in profile with a straight, pointed horn on its forehead against a plain green background, resembling a unicorn.

Yes, you read that correctly. Our Club offers exclusive access to real-life unicorns! Learn about these magnificent creatures, their care, and even train them. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to interact with these symbols of purity and grace firsthand in a safe and magical environment.


Creative Adventures Await

Dive into monthly themed activities designed to spark your imagination. From unicorn crafts to enchanting tales and special projects, we ensure each day with us is filled with creativity and wonder.

A graphic banner with a gold ribbon and the text "PRINCESS FEST" in ornate lettering, with a small crown above the letter "I" and a silhouette of a horse within a circular frame next to the letter "P."

Exclusive Access to Princess Fest Activities

Members of the Unicorn Club enjoy privileged insights and special access to exclusive activities at Princess Fest, this June 22nd and 23rd. This includes early entry to events, meet-and-greets with special guests, and first access to limited edition merchandise. Join the Unicorn Club to experience Princess Fest like never before!

Be Part Of The Magic At Princess Fest

Bring your imagination to life in the Enchanted Garden at Autumn’s Gate. Participate in fun activities to make the Enchanted garden even more beautiful with special projects and planting flowers.

You be able to show off all your creations and contributions at Autumn’s Gate’s annual Princess Fest!


Hear From Our Happy Members

  • Joining the Unicorn Club has been a dream come true for my daughter. It’s a magical experience!” – Rachel T., Parent
  • I love the Unicorn Club. I love the crafts and meeting the unicorns.” – Alexa H., Club Member
  • The Princess Fest was beyond our expectations! It’s a must-experience for all unicorn lovers. Can’t wait for next year.” – Lisa M.


Special Offer

Your First Month On Us!

We’re so excited for you to start this magical adventure at Autumn’s Gate, that your first month is on us! Continue the magic for just $19/month per child.

  • Exclusive access to ALL our clubs.
  • A community fostering creativity and friendship.
  • Family bonding experiences and lasting memories.

Ready to explore the spellbinding world of unicorns and creativity?

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Join The Unicorn Club Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something truly magical. Enroll now and step into a world where imagination knows no bounds, and every day is an adventure.

Your magical journey begins here – join us at The Unicorn Club and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Step into a world of magic and creativity, where we believe in the power of dreams and the brilliance of imagination. Welcome to The Unicorn Club – where every child’s dream of unicorns and adventures comes to life.

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