Horseback Riding & Farm Fun Activities for Toddlers​

We pride ourselves in providing access to horseback riding at an early age. Whereas most barns start at 6 or 7, we begin instruction for riders as young as 4 years old.

That said, exposure to the barn and the feel of being on a horse can start even earlier. We’ve developed the Toddler & Me Horseback Riding Program specifically for parents and kids as young as 2 years old, that will give them a taste of their future riding pursuits.

With a parent helping guide them alongside the horse while they ride, and additional horsemanship activities, we prime young minds for the love of horses and being at the barn. Check out our upcoming sessions, as well as promotions on pricing here.

Located In The Beautiful Town of Porter

1956 Balmer Rd. Ransomville, NY 14131

– 10 min. from Lewiston

-25 min. from Niagara Falls

-45 min. from Buffalo


Introducing kids to something new and exciting is one of the most rewarding things we do at Autumn’s Gate!

Kids are so excited to meet all the animals, learn about all our horses, and participate in fun farm activities.

Fostering the relationship with kids and animals at a young age can have a significant impact on their lives. That’s why we start the horseback riding program at just 4 years old.

That said, there were still so many parents that wanted their kids under 4 to be involved. We also couldn’t help but notice the myriad little siblings of riders that REALLY wanted to ride but couldn’t effectively participate in the horseback riding program designed for their older siblings.

Designed to keep kids as young as 2 years old, fully engaged for an entire hour of jam-packed family farm fun.

In addition to farm animals and hands-on activities, they’ll get up close and personal with our horses in a grooming session and start learning the basics of horseback riding.
Of course, our jr. riders will be working to develop their horseback riding skills, but that’s only half the fun!

Activities are different every week and follow a monthly theme throughout the year!

Families can participate at any interval! 

We’ve designed the Toddler & Me program to be an ongoing weekly activity, but kids can come out once or twice and still get a lot out of the experience. 


 Our core values are based on the proliferation of confidence, empowerment, and responsibility. We exist to help people realize these things within themselves, we just happen to ride horses to do it!

We believe these attributes play an integral role in how we view ourselves and how we contribute to our community. Both of which are major pillars in our state of mental health and wellness. 

We believe that people should embrace and enjoy every second of life!