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Join the Adventure at Autumn’s Gate Pony Club! 🐴

Unlock the World of Horses for Your Child

Ever noticed that sparkle in your child’s eye at the sight of horses? At Autumn’s Gate, we’ve crafted an extraordinary experience that transforms this fascination into a joyful and educational adventure. Welcome to the Pony Club.

A black-and-white image of a galloping horse isolated on a green background.Why The Pony Club at Autumn’s Gate Stands Out

  • Hands-On Learning: Your child will engage in a comprehensive learning experience. They’ll learn about a horse’s needs, behaviors, and how to care for them.
  • Crafts & Activities Galore: We go beyond the barn, offering horse-themed crafts and activities that ensure fun is always happening.
  • A Community that Cares: The Pony Club is more than club; it’s a barn family. Watch as your child forms inseparable bonds with horses and fellow fledgling horse enthusiasts.
  • Growth Beyond the Reins: There are side effects to caring for horses, they include things like empathy, responsibility, and a deep respect for living things.

Exciting Activities Awaiting at Pony Club

  • Horse Care Workshops: From grooming basics to understanding horse nutrition, our workshops offer hands-on experiences that instill a sense of responsibility and care.
  • Pony Crafts: Get creative with horse-themed crafts that allow children to express their love for their equine friends in artistic ways.
  • Equestrian Games: Participate in fun, horse-related games that deepen the understanding of horse communication and behavior in an engaging manner.

We’ll be up to all kinds of fun… and we’ll learn stuff along the way!

  • Essential Horse Grooming: Learn the art of keeping horses clean and healthy, focusing on brushing, bathing, and hoof care.
  • Equine Nutrition and Health: Delve into the essentials of what horses eat and how their dietary needs support overall health and wellness.
  • Understanding Horse Behavior: Unlock the secrets of equine behavior to communicate more effectively with these majestic animals.
  • Horse Equipment Care: Get hands-on experience in maintaining and caring for saddles, bridles, and other horse gear to ensure safety and comfort for both the horse and rider.
  • Stable Management: Discover what it takes to keep a stable running smoothly, from cleaning stalls to managing a feeding schedule.
  • Horse Anatomy Lessons: Gain a deeper understanding of horse anatomy, learning about the different parts of the horse and how they function.
  • First Aid for Horses: Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle minor injuries and emergencies, ensuring the wellbeing of your equine friends.

What Our Members Say

“The Pony Club at Autumn’s Gate was an instant hit with us. The blend of activities and the opportunity for our kids to really learn about horses made it unforgettable.” – Michael, Parent
“Joining the Pony Club has been a development milestone for my son. He’s not just learned about horses; he’s grown in character and compassion.” – Sarah

A bay horse in motion, isolated on a green background.A Club Like No Other

Located amidst the enchanting grounds of Autumn’s Gate, the Pony Club is not just a program, but a gateway to nature, learning, and community. With activities designed to ignite curiosity and foster a nurturing environment, it’s where your child will find joy and friendships bloom.

An Offer You Can’t Resist

The Pony Club comes at no additional cost with your Autumn’s Gate Club Subscription. Yes, that’s right! For only $19/month, not only do you get access to the Pony Club but also all our other awesome clubs including the Chicken Tenders Club, Fuzzy Friends, and Unicorn Club.

Spaces are limited, and demand is high! Don’t miss the chance to give your child an experience filled with learning, laughter, and the love of horses.

Take the Leap – Join Today!

Are you ready to see your child thrive amongst horses, nature, and new friends? Join the Pony Club community today and watch as your little one embarks on an unforgettable adventure.

For inquiries or to secure your child’s membership, reach out now.

Text or Call us: 716-791-5051

Remember, with Autumn’s Gate, the next great adventure is always just around the corner.

Don’t hold back—gallop towards this opportunity and secure your child’s spot in the Pony Club at Autumn’s Gate.

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