Farm Camp at Autumn’s Gate!

Give your children the gift of the great outdoors, away from screens and into the green! At Farm Camp, we’re on a mission to blend learning with fun under the sun! Our unique outdoor education program is designed for kids aged 6-12—who are ready to trade pixels for plants and avatars for animals. 

Every Saturday from 9am-12pm!

Event Series Farm Camp

Farm Camp

Autumn's Gate 1956 Balmer Road, Ransomville, NY, United States

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience at Autumn's Gate? Farm Camp invites all kids to join us for an exciting Saturday morning filled with adventures and learning opportunities! About […]

A Breath of Fresh Air!

Farm Camp is committed to offering children hands-on experiences to explore farm animals, sustainable farming practices, and the farm-to-table journey of food. Our goal is to ignite curiosity, foster a love for animals, and deepen the understanding of where our food comes from. 🌳🍎

What to Expect?

At Autumn’s Gate, we offer a wide range of exciting activities for your little ones. From daily farm chores like feeding and grooming our furry friends, to planting and harvesting in the garden, each day will be filled with new adventures and discoveries! But that’s not all—our campers will

  • Friendly Farm Animals: Our animal family loves to interact! Your kids will feed, care for, and learn from our barnyard pals.
  • Harvest Happiness: There’s nothing like seeing the fruition of one’s labor—with their own hands, kids will pick and taste the freshest farm produce.
  • Sustainable Wonders: Eco-friendly practices are at the heart of every session, as kids discover how green their thumbs can be.
  • Knowledgeable Guides: Local experts and farmers drop by to share invaluable agricultural wisdom—enriching minds and soils!

But that’s not all—we’re all about creating a community where kids can flourish away from screens, building lasting friendships and memories while soaking up the sun! 🌻

What Parents Say…

“Farm Camp was a game-changer for my son. He went from being glued to his tablet to eagerly waking up early for a day filled with animals, nature, and new friends. He’s more confident and curious than ever before.” – Sarah T., Super Mom

“Farm Camp is a great example of how we can incorporate fun and education into one. My kids learned about agriculture and animal care while having the time of their lives. I love the balance it brings to their screen-heavy routine.” – David S., Proud Dad

Enroll Today!

Ready for your child to reconnect with nature? Reserve a spot for your little explorer at Farm Camp. With limited spaces, each child gets to shine in their own patches of green! 💚

Get your Autumn’s Gate Camp Subscription for just $34/mo.—a small price for a big step towards a balanced lifestyle. With this subscription, the benefits, like exclusive discounts and access to merch, just get sweeter, like honey straight from the hive!

Don’t wait—nurture the seed of curiosity and growth in your child at Farm Camp, where every day is an adventure waiting to unfold!