Welcome to the Fuzzy Friends Club at Autumn’s Gate

The Fuzzy Friends Club is a Journey of Fluffy Fun and Learning!

Hey there, animal lovers! We at Autumn’s Gate have something absolutely exciting to share with you. We’re introducing the Fuzzy Friends Club, a delightful haven designed just for kids who adore small, fluffy critters like guinea pigs and bunnies! 🐹🐰

What’s the Fuzzy Friends Club?

Picture this: you’re creating a cute, miniature bunny out of colorful materials while your real-life furry friend hops around nearby. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? That’s just a tiny glimpse of the fun that awaits you at the Fuzzy Friends Club!

Our clubs aren’t just about fun and games (although we have plenty of those!). We believe in learning through love and hands-on experiences.

Learning and Love Go Hand in Hand

At our club, you’ll learn all about the care and health of these lovable creatures, from their diets to their grooming needs. We’ll even guide you on showing these adorable creatures if you’re interested in joining 4H.

Ever wondered about the different types of guinea pigs or bunnies? From the long-haired Peruvian guinea pig to the lop-eared bunny, there’s a whole fluffy world waiting for you to discover, and guess what? You’ll learn all about them right here in our club!

Engaging Activities Await!

We also offer unique opportunities to build habitats, fun mazes, obstacles, and toys for our fuzzy friends. Not only is this going to be a blast for you, but it will also make our critters’ lives even more enjoyable.

Join our Caring Community

And that’s not all! The Fuzzy Friends Club is also a place to meet other young animal enthusiasts. Here, you can share your experiences, show off your crafts, and bond over your shared love for these cuddly creatures. It’s a community where everyone speaks the language of love and care for our fuzzy friends!

Let’s Get Started!

So, are you ready to embark on this furry adventure with us? Keen to learn, play, and create unforgettable memories with our adorable critter companions? Then join us at the Fuzzy Friends Club! 🎉

Our monthly meetings start in December, and the best part is, this club is included with your membership to Autumn’s Gate. That said, we’re only accepting a small amount of members to start, so don’t wait to sign up.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Fuzzy Friends Club today, because here – every day is a fluffy, fun-filled adventure! 🐹💖🐰

Let’s Make Fuzzy Memories!

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