Welcome to the Chicken Tenders Club at Autumn’s Gate

The Chicken Tenders Club is a Feathery Fun Adventure for Kids!

The Chicken Tenders Club is here, and it’s been designed just for kids who are absolutely smitten with chickens. It’s a place where you can create chicken crafts, unearth fascinating chicken facts, and spend quality time with our clucky companions.

Chicken Hatching and Care: An Egg-citing Journey

First things first, we don’t just talk about chickens in our club – we get hands-on! We’ll be hatching chicks, nurturing them, and even mastering the art of tending to incubators. Isn’t that egg-citing? You’ll learn about the delicate art of hatching, the joy of seeing a little life break free from its shell, and the responsibility of caring for these tiny creatures.

Discover the Many Faces of Chickens

But hold your horses, or should we say, chickens? There’s more! Have you ever pondered about the many different types of chickens out there? From the flamboyant Frizzle with its curly feathers to the regal Jersey Giant, there’s a whole world of chickens waiting for you to discover. And guess what? You’ll get to explore all about them right here in our club!

Building Habitats for our Feathered Friends

Our club offers a unique opportunity to learn about what chickens need to thrive. We’ll be building habitats for our feathered friends. You’ll see firsthand how your hard work pays off when you watch the chickens enjoy their new homes. It’s a hands-on, feathers-on experience!

Meet Other Young Chicken Enthusiasts

And let’s not forget, the Chicken Tenders Club is also a place to meet other young chicken enthusiasts. Here, you can share your chicken stories, show off your chicken crafts, and even learn about showing chickens. It’s a community where everyone shares a love for these adorable creatures!

Ready for a Clucking Awesome Journey?

So, are you ready to embark on this clucking awesome journey with us? Are you eager to immerse yourself in the joy of chickens? If the answer is a resounding “YES!”, then join us at the Chicken Tenders Club today! 🎉

The Chicken Tenders Club is included in the price of your Autumn’s Gate Membership, but remember, space is limited and it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, don’t wait to sign up.

We’ll be meeting every month starting in December!

Are you ready for this feathery adventure? Join us now and let the clucking fun begin!

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